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A Story about ITRK Global.

ITRK Global was founded back in 2016, the website originally started out as a informational website for a local school that I had went to, it showed information such as Calendar of Events, School News Letter, and even the Lunch Menu for that day, when I graduated in 2017, I was about to shut down ITRK Global as I felt it no longer had a purpose, but then a friend of mine, Sheldon Gelinas suggested that we should do something with ITRK, such as building projects, websites, and stuff, and that has inspired me to continue to run the website.

Since then ITRK has Grown, it has become a lot different and it continues to keep growing.. we like to take suggestions submitted from our visitors, and users, and use those to build our next new project with crediting the person whom suggested it, ITRK might not seem like much right now but it’ll eventually become something, but until then we continue to grow and not give up.



Team Members



Projects Done









We build different sorts of websites, from blogs, to social media sites, and continue to creating more.


ITRK Global now owns a YouTube channel, you can visit our channel to watch content uploaded by the Team!


ITRK does photography, you can find our images taken by the ITRK Team uploaded on our space in My Access

Programming & Development

ITRK Offers Programming, Coding, and Development for it’s Team Members, if you’re interested in coding websites, or programs.

Advertise & Sharing

ITRK Offers a Department for Advertising & Sharing the website and it’s services around, you get 50% of the monetizations from it

Have Fun!

Working in ITRK Global, it’s all about having fun doing it, you can work right at home, build your own project, and just simply have fun!


Question & Answer

If I worked for ITRK, what do I get paid?

You’ll get paid for the projects you create, whatever monetization you make from it, is yours, ITRK Global takes 5% of the monetization, you receive all 95%

Does ITRK have a Head Quarters?

ITRK Global doesn’t currently have an official head quarters right now, we’re completely online and over the internet, it has been asked, will we soon one day get a official head-quarters for all the ITRK Team Members to meet up at one day? that’s a thing planned in the future.

Latest News Information around ITRK Global!


ITRK Global has officially upgraded it’s servers to the latest version, giving us a more modern, fast responsive, and more smoother website, there’s still lots to come available to the ITRK Services, so stayed tuned!

YouTube Bound?

ITRK Global now offers it’s very own YouTube Channel called ITRK Network, we hadn’t decided what we wanna do with it yet, should we turn it into a Vlog channel? Challenge Channel? Gaming? let us know by messaging us on Facebook!

My Access, now available!

We’ve officially launched our My Access, Social Media website, it’s currently under Early Access so there’s still lots to come, but for now, why not check it out?