Zucc MCN industry rules.

Admin’s Role

  • 1: Spamming is not allowed in any of our groups
  • 2: Must have emotional support (don’t forget we are all humans, emotional support is needed) IF you cannot support others or show them care. Leave
  • 3: Drama will no longer be allowed because it’s causing stress on everybody, get in private if you want to have drama
  • 4: Do not insult our admin, leads to permanent ban. admin list. Kaylie Rempenthal. Rondell Wayne Ivey. Sheldon Gelinas
  • 5: Must at least send 1 meme on a daily.
  • Rondell will take care of kicking the members out when unfollowing any of the rules.
  • Sheldon will take care of adding new people and take care of account giveaways